Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Protecting Your Property From Fire...

Fire can be a devastating event. It damages everything in its path and can cause serious injury and death. To help protect your family and property from fire, read on.

  • Be prepared ahead of time! Being prepared is probably the most important step of all. This step involves many things. First, make sure you have Oklahoma homeowner's insurance in the event of a fire. Second, have a fire escape plan with all the necessary items such as escape ladders, fire extinguisher, smoke detectors etc. Third, practice your fire escape plan. If you have children, this is especially important. Take time to discuss what to do in the event of a fire and practice this at all hours of the day and night. Don't take for granted that they know what to do.
  • Avoid unnecessary risk! Cigarettes, fire places, and appliances are common causes of fires in the home. To avoid these risks, make sure that all cigarettes are put out before going to bed or if you are sleepy. Consider putting them in a glass of water to be safe. Make sure that fires in your fireplace are completely out. If you use it often, install a screen and glass door for extra safety. Finally, avoid putting appliances near furniture. Appliances and heaters placed near furniture can often overheat and cause a fire to start. When a fire starts from any one of the items above, they often start very slowly and smolder for a long time before actually catching fire and being detected.
  • Test your smoke alarm! It is very important to test your smoke alarm often to ensure that it is working properly. Also replace the battery at least once per year, even if it appears to be working. If your smoke alarm seems to go off regularly when there is not a problem, such as during cooking, consider moving it a few feet away. If your smoke alarm is 10 years old, replace it.
  • Keep Emergency Numbers on Hand! Keep emergency numbers near all phones in case of fire or emergency.
  • No matter how much we prepare, we can't completely prevent fires in our home. should a fire occur, remember to call your insurance agent and Bixby area home maintenance professionals to take care of any damage and ensure insurance coverage of repairs.

Contact these professionals for questions or quotes:

Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Bixby, OK- Mike Tedford, Tedford Insurance, 918-299-2345 or www.tedfordinsurance.com.
Roofing Repairs in the Bixby, OK area- Judy Smith, Abest Roofing, 918-587-1426 or www.abestroofing.com.
Fire Damage and Restoration in the Bixby area- Roger Fisher, PCC Cleaning and Restoration, 918-641-1111 or www.pcccr.com.
Bixby, OK. Electrical Repair- Larry Murray, Murray Electric, 918-835-9605 or www.murrayelectric.com
Plumbing Repair in the Bixby, OK. area- Mullin Plumbing, 918-258-6636 or www.mullinplumbing.com
Junk Removal in Bixby- David, I-Haul USA at www.ihaulusa.com or david@ihaulusa.com

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips for a Less-Stressful Closing!

Buying and Selling a home can be a stressful process, but when the closing process doesn't happen smoothly, it can add even more stress. Here are a few tips to help the closing process happen without a few of the most common glitches. First, listen to the professionals. If your real estate agent or mortgage broker gives you suggestions for the closing and moving process, heed their advice. They see problems regularly and can help you avoid some of the most common problems. Second, pack and move out of the house as early in the day, or even the night before, as possible and schedule closing for the afternoon. For buyers, schedule the final walk through earlier in the day as well. This added time should help with any unplanned delays. Third, consider adding a little extra expense to your budget in case there is a delay in closing and storage or hotel costs are needed or you need to hire a professional for an unexpected home repair. Finally, ask for a final settlement statement a day or two in advance of closing so that there last minute surprises are kept to a minimum.

For more information on the closing process or if you are in need of Bixby area closing services, contact JJ Pierce, FirsTitle, 918-493-2241 or www.firstitle.com

For all your Bixby, OK. mortgage needs, contact Karen Heston, Bank of Oklahoma, 918-488-7353 or kheston-boklo.mortgagewebcenter.com

For all your Bixby, Oklahoma area real estate needs, contact, Darryl Baskin, McGraw Realtors, 918-258-2600 or www.darrylbaskin.com.