Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Important Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Banker

Although there are many questions that home buyers have when getting a home loan, there are some basic questions that are always important.

How much downpayment do I need to buy a house? If you are a veteran or buying in a rural area you can get 100% financing and seller can pay closing costs. If you are Native American you may be eligible for a Hud 184 loan. This loan requires as low as a 1.25% downpayment, depending on the amount of the loan. FHA requires a 3.5% downpayment, Conventional a 5% downpayment, and Investment loans a 20% downpayment.

What are Points/Origination Fees? Point and Origination Fees are additional fees paid at closing to lower your interest rate. 1 point is $1000.

How do I find out exactly what my closing costs, fees, and other things are when I am comparing mortgage companies and their rates? Ask for a Good Faith Estimate. Look at fee lines 800-900. Compare the rate, points/origination fee, and other items within that range.

What constitutes a rural development loan? It is all based on the population of an area. Owasso and Glenpool are still rural and are eligible for a rural development loan. The USDA Rural Development website can give you more information about an area you are interested in.

How do Mortgage Bankers get paid? My commission is based on the volume I produce. The more I produce the higher percentage I make.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or have purchased before, no question is stupid. Remember that rules and regulations change and some requirements and information from your previous mortgage may not be the same. Always ask first rather than be sorry later.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Consider This Before Building Your Bixby Home...

When building a new home, there are so many decisions to make, from the location and builder to which carpet and paint to choose. Keep the following tips in mind when you decide to build a new home.
  • Location- Work with your Bixby Area Realtor when purchasing land and building your home to make sure that the location you desire will fit your budget as well as the style and size you want in your home. Don't find out after purchasing that you can't do what you want or that the market will not handle your specific plans.
  • Building- Select your builder carefully! Ask for recommendations from your Realtor, after all they work with builders everyday. Ask builders for referrals and contact them. Ask plenty of questions and don't be afraid to get more than one quote!
  • Products- Once you have purchased land, selected a builder, and begun the building process, there will be many products to choose. Ask about your options and shop around in advance to make sure you get what you want at the price you want. When selecting roofing products and styles- keep in mind your budget, style of home, and the weather in your area. Remember that by adding ridge vents or using certain materials you can decrease your energy costs. When selecting flooring products- remember to check wear, stain resistance, and even product type (such as carpet, tile, or hardwood). When considering which extras you might want- Think about preventing pests before you move in. 1. Have a Sentricon HD Termite Elimination system installed up front to ensure that termites will not be a problem. 2. Consider using glass mulch in your flowerbeds. Glass mulch will not attract pests like traditional wood mulch, never washes away, and it looks great. Finally, decide if you want any home automation or home theater systems installed. It is easy to have installation done up front before walls and furnishings are in place.
  • Mortgage Options- Check with your Bixby mortgage banker to find out what mortgage options are available to you. For example, can you qualify for a VA or Rural Home Loan? Also, make sure you know your budget and how much down-payment you have. If you have less than 20% to put down, ask about loans that require less down-payment!
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