Friday, May 31, 2013

Easy Ways to Save...

Recently, Darryl Baskin published a blog article on ways to save.  This article, "Save, Save, Save" had some great tips on easy ways to save a little bit of money.  Two of those tips include:  Refinancing and Upgrading.  When it comes to refinancing your Tulsa home, call your Bixby mortgage banker to find out if refinancing will work for you.  In many cases you can decrease your mortgage payment or you may choose to decrease the number of years you pay on that mortgage and select a shorter term.    Another thing that can help save a little money is upgrading older appliances, older wiring and not so energy efficient heating and A/C units.  This will cost some money initially but will save you in the long run. Contact your Bixby electrician or Bixby A/C company for more information and quotes on upgrading these things.   To read more of the blog post, visit the link above.

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