Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When to Lower Your Listing Price

Trying to determine how to price your Tulsa Home for Sale is a very important decision.  Thinking about a price reduction can also be difficult.  Use these questions when thinking about a price reduction:

  • Would you rather wait for an offer or have an offer that you can decline?
  • What is the lowest price you would accept for your home?
  • What does it cost you to own your home? (home maintenance, roofing repairs, lawn maintenance, taxes, homeowners insurance- things that won't be recovered). If those things are costing you $2000 a month and it takes 6 months to sell you will have spent an extra $12,000 versus reducing the price by, say $10,000 and possibly selling soon.  In 6 months you may wind up facing the same reduced price (by $10,000) and then already have spent the extra $12,000. 

Remember that pricing your property correctly from the start is the best choice. Make sure it is priced according to the market.  A good realtor will be able to price your property, with experience, market information, and knowledge of what buyers want.

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